Wendy Brady ~the author

  I discovered Wendy Brady on a website called Webook, actually I should say that she discovered me. She had commented on some of my poems and as I do with anyone that comments on my poems, I looked her up and read some of her work. It was beautiful, so full of love for the world, so divinely inspired. I asked her if she would mind if I published her work and she was honored, so here it is, a collection of her work. I try to keep it continually updated as she is continuing with this project and it is in no way finished. I will continue to bring you these works of divine beauty and love as she publishes them on Webook.

  Wendy Brady lives in Queensland, Australia and is a painter as well as an author. She is very closely connected to God, as you can tell by reading her extraordinary letters to our Father. She would like very much to heal the pain of the world, and I think she has with these wonderful letters. Everyone should read these, you will be filled with the Spirit of God.

  Thank you so much Wendy, for allowing me to present your work to the world through our humble forum. I pray for your love to be shared with the world and will do what I can to make that a reality. God bless you, Wendy Brady.

© 2008-2010 Wendy Brady
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